Tour the West Coast Falconry

June 15, 2018
Category: Things To Do

Yuba City is a quaint little town which is best known for its agricultural successes as well as its economic and social successes. Though it is rather small, Yuba City is a town full of surprises and exciting attractions; all that is required is a small amount of searching, and you can find the most unexpected activities throughout the area. One of these activities includes a trip to the West Coast Falconry. This little mountain town makes for a gorgeous place to travel, as it is uncertain what sort of fantastic adventure you will discover yourself on, which begins at the West Coast Falconry.

About the West Coast Falconry

The West Coast Falconry is best known for being a range wherein you can learn more about the unique hunting method of falconry. This falconry provides hands-on experiences and classes which allow its guests to work with these magnificent animals, no matter the amount of experience previously had with falconry. This facility welcomes guests of all ages, and even provides a means to become a licensed falconer.

This being said, there are plenty of things to do while visiting the West Coast Falconry. First and foremost, taking classes or seminars on the art of falconry is highly recommended. The West Coast Falconry is very proud to provide the ideal falconry experience for each individual’s interests. This is to say that there are a number of classes offered so that each guest can receive the best and most comfortable experience working with these animals as possible.

Demonstration shows of experienced and licensed falconers are also popular events at the West Coast Falconry. Much like with the classes and seminars, there are also demonstrations available for those looking for an experience better tailored to their interests. These demonstrations vary to cater many different age groups, ensuring that all those who visit are provided with a unique experience of the falconry range.

Located on Spring Valley Road in Marysville, CA, the West Coast Falconry is open from Friday through Monday by scheduled appointment. This falconry is also located within the range of the Bonanza Inn Yuba City, which offers its guests with impressive amenities and friendly staffing, making this inn the ideal place to stay while touring the West Coast Falconry.

Stay at Bonanza Inn Yuba City

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