Yuba City, CA - Bonanza Inn & Suites Hotel

March 15, 2018

River Levee Bike Trail

Yuba City, CA is a small city located about 40 miles north of Sacramento, CA that is known for being a pleasant city with a wholesome community. The City is known for its agricultural based productions, which made the city #7 in the “Best Performing Small Cities” in the nation according to the Milken Institutes ranking. With an agreeable climate and pleasant nature filled atmosphere, Yuba City is the perfect place to visit. Though the city is small, it provides many scenic routes ...

February 15, 2018

Bonanza Inn Yuba City – Sutter County Memorial MuseumPost navigation

Sutter County Community Memorial Museum is situated at 1333, Butte House Road, off the Golden State Highway in Yuba City. The museum preserves and tells the story of the region, as it evolved from the time of Native Americans to the present day. The museum offers a unique perspective on the history and transformation of the entire county. The displays include Maidu artifacts, remnants of California Gold Rush, an extensive collection of photographs, household items, agricultural tools, pre-col...