River Levee Bike Trail

March 15, 2018
Category: Yuba City, CA Attractions

Yuba City, CA is a small city located about 40 miles north of Sacramento, CA that is known for being a pleasant city with a wholesome community. The City is known for its agricultural based productions, which made the city #7 in the “Best Performing Small Cities” in the nation according to the Milken Institutes ranking. With an agreeable climate and pleasant nature filled atmosphere, Yuba City is the perfect place to visit. Though the city is small, it provides many scenic routes that explore the layout of the area, and are open to the public for exploration.

About River Levee Bike Trail

The River Levee Bike Trail, better known as the Feather River Levee Bike Trail to the locals, is a bicycling trail that runs along the Feather River of Yuba City, CA. The trail itself runs along about 5 miles, offering beautiful sites of the landscape while exploring the outline of Yuba City. The trail is well known for biking, and many can be found fishing at the edge of Feather River. When visiting Yuba City, visiting the River Levee Bike Trail is a must for those who want to become acquainted with the friendly atmosphere of the city and the beauty of the scenery.

But of course, what is a bike trail without a bike? There are two places you can rent a bike in Yuba City: Van’s Bicycle Center and The Placerville Bike Shop. Both are located in Yuba City and offer bike rentals six days a week, as both are closed on Sundays. Van’s Bicycle Center is located only twenty minutes away from the trail, and carry a variety of bikes to cater to your biking needs so that you are as comfortable as possible. The Placerville Bike Shop is located about an hour outside of Yuba City but is still available for bike rentals within the area.

The River Levee Bike Trail can be found at the Shanghai Garden Park and Boat Ramp, between this street and Northgate Drive. The Trail is located along the Feather River and can be easily spotted when approaching the river. The trail passes underneath 10th Street Bridge and 5th Street Bridge in the City, and many taking the trail choose to detour to Marysville levees at these points.

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